Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why DO We Do.......

What I am about to write is nothing new, happens every day, all around us, some of us even participate in it ourselves.
But being in the state of mind I am it is so frustrating to watch and see.
It goes along the question of...
Why Do We Do What We Do When We Know What We Know?

It really came to mind yesterday as we were heading home from downtown, a fairly long drive. Reesa was driving and it gave me an opportunity to see...
A cyclist weaving in and out of traffic seemingly oblivious to physical risk, let alone the law.A woman driving on a busy Highway 401 and applying her make-up at the same time.
Another individual driving along with the windows closed and puffing away on a cigarette.
At least 1 in 5 drivers on their cell phones, even though a recent law prohibits this activity.
Drivers carelessly weaving in and out of traffic desperately trying to get to that next red light first.
Drivers speeding, following too closely, basically being totally careless.
As I said at the beginning, this is nothing new.
We live in a -
"me first" society
got to get ahead no matter the cost, society
it'll never happen to me attitude in our society
"I've got a long life to live" society
What do they all have in common?
In my opinion a total disrespect to the Gift of Life.
So much is taken for granted!!

So much can happen in a split second that may alter one's life forever, never mind possibly ending one's life due to carelessness.

I guess when you fight to stay alive each and every day it gets really frustrating watch people taking life for granted.
Live every day as if its your last.
Do the right thing.
If you know it not the right thing to do or say - DON'T.
So that's my "vent" for today-you never know where the next inspirational thought will come from-but usually its right in front of us.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Que Cera Cera

I was looking for inspiration for this next entry and it came as I was watching a movie on tv and in the background was the famous Doris Day song "Que Sera Sera".
Part of the lyrics goes as follows

"...whatever will be, will be, the future's not our to see, que era sera..."

So two conflicting thoughts came to my mind in relation to "...the future's not ours to see..."
The Future Absolutely Must Be Yours to See.
When making plans or setting goals for the future, such as start a business, go back to school, change careers, improve your fitness,
ANY goal whatsoever,
one of the most critical things you need to do is to START with THE END IN MIND.
In other words,
SEE The Future,
VISUALIZE yourself in the Future
In your mind's eye you MUST see yourself at that point in the future that you are looking to achieve.
Its the old BE-DO-HAVE theory.
BE what/ who/where you want to BE,
Do whatever you need to DO,
in order to HAVE whatever it is you wish to HAVE.

This is a critical excercise that will help build the passion and desire to accomplish.





The conflicting thought is exactly what the song says "...whatever will be..."

You see along the journey of accomplishment you will encounter bumps on the road, you will encounter "Nay Sayers", you will run into self doubt,
because "...the future is not ours to see...", who knows whar obstacles you may encounter.

So now what do you do...???

I challenge everyone to acknowledge this very simple, but TRUE fact;

The ONLY thing we can control is our thought.
It is what will sustain us through difficult times,
it is what will compell us to do, say, react to certain situations,
it is what will lead us through the future.

To quote W. Mitchell-
"Its Not What Happens To You Its What You Do About It".


By the way I have yet to start my "Lessons I Learned..." Coming Soon.

Lastly for a short YOTUBE Video of Doris Day singing Que Cera Cera visit