Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lessons I Learned the Day I Died-What Can I Do To Help

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by very supportive and loving family members, friends and colleagues. Each and every family member pitched in to help in every way they can through last year, and I'll detail more of those heroes later. It is when friends or business colleagues offered " me if you need anything..." or "...what can I do to help..." that I found it difficult to answer. It was/is great of them all to come by for a visit, offer words of encouragement and offer help, but deep down I know that while they are all sincere, I could not possibly ask for anything that would pull them away from their own family obligations. And so as these offers of assistance came in I found myself telling them to "pray for me".

Well just a few weeks ago Reesa and I attended a benefit concert by Dudu Fisher, a former Cantor who turned his talents to entertainment on stage and even performed at Les Miserables in England. During this benefit perfomance he would introduce each song with a few words and as he introduced the song "Bring Him Home" (from Les Miz) he offered that

"The Prayers of Many Are Heard".

Well I could certainly attest to that as the prayer of the many who prayed for me certainly helped!!!

I have yet to touch on the "Lessons I Learned". I will begin to do so shortly. I just I'd share some thoughts, memories and experiences that touched me over the past year+.

Again, please recommend my Blog to anyone you feel may need some words of Hope and Encouragement.

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