Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Michaelangelo's David

So the story goes that a number of artists were presented with this large slab of stone and asked to create something of it. This large slab went from artist to artist all of whom could not find or think of what to do with it.

Eventually this large slab of stone got to Michaelangelo who took on the task and started chiseling away at it and eventually created the famous Statue of David.

When asked how he conceived of such a beatiful work of art he responded by saying ...I didn't, it was already inside, I just had to find it...

Whats the moral of the story...???

Think of little children-how innocent, happy, adventurous and unaffraid they are.

As the years pass by though and they grow into adults these "layers" start to build up, to surround the "child".

These layers are comprised of fear, judgement, criticism, uncertainty, lack of confidence, lack of adventure and so much more.
The "child" has become smothered.

But the "child" is still there, still inside everyone.
You just have to chisel away at all those layers to find it.

If you are going through some chllenging times right now in your life, whether personal, professional, financial or health related-think back to when you were a child-

What made you happy?

What excited you?

What made you jump up and down for joy,

or made you roar in laughter?

Discover that inner child, don't ignore your issues, but start living a happy life again.

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