Wednesday, April 21, 2010

See You Later.....

So have you paid attention to the words we use "automatically" when we part ways from someone, from a meeting, a friend, etc. Words such as "see you later", "I'll call you later/tonight/tomorrow/next week...", and so on.
You get the drift.
But my point is...

Says Who?
Who says there will be a later, tonight, tomorrow, etc.
Now I am not being morbid here but the fact of the matter is;
We Only Have But TODAY!!!
or better yet
We Only Have the NOW!!!
Yesterday is Gone, Tomorrow is Not a Guarantee, ENJOY the NOW!!.
Yes its great to make plans, we all do. That's what life is all about-planning vacations, planning careers, planning families, setting goals, developing yourself both physically and mentally-that is definitely what life is all about.
But Do It Humbly.
"The Lord Has Given Us But Today"- 2 Very key words-Given and Today.
Life is a GIFT!!
Enjoy TODAY!!
Lastly Remember-

Its Not What's Been Give To You-Its What You Do With It.

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